Making Money Is Illegal, Here is How to Earn A Legitimate Income

Making money is a key part of life, or so we have been taught.  There are very few things you can do that don’t require money in some way or the other. But have you ever considered the fact that making money is illegal? I realize that statement may sound absurd but please allow me to explain what I mean and to share with you a lesson that I am learning about money and specifically the idea of “making money”.

It was a while back when I was searching YouTube for ways to make money when I discovered a lengthy video. It was a video of a conference Alex Becker hosted and Grant Cardone was speaking. I found a lot of helpful advice in the video (see it here) but the thing that caught my attention was the part of his speech where he said, “quit talking about how I need to make money, it is against the law to make money!” He continued by saying, “your job is to collect money.” It was that saying there that caused me to start thinking about money in a whole different light.

What’s The Deal With Making Money?

In all honesty, when we are referring to “making money”, we are not usually referring to it in the most literal sense. And yet, if you think about it in its most literal definition, you can begin to see how we have trained our mind to look at money. To make money one would literally have to start literally printing money. This act is known as counterfeiting and it happens to be very illegal.

Now think about it, making money as a counterfeiter is an illegal activity yet why do we refer to the way we collect money as “making money”. The idea behind counterfeiting is to get money fast and easy by completely surpassing the need to get it from anywhere else and instead printing it on demand. Granted, one could argue that counterfeiting is not all that easy but none the less the idea behind it is that it is a way of fulfilling a need instantly. Let’s just call it instant gratification.

If you have been involved in entrepreneurship or have been working to generate income apart from a job for any time then you know it takes a lot of work and effort before you ever see a return on your investment. In other words, there is nothing very instantly gratifying about it.

Get Rich Quick or Legitimate Residual Income

The idea behind the instant gratification of “making money” has created an innumerable amount of get rich quick schemes that many people unfortunately find themselves falling into. So many people are looking for that next big thing that is sure to make them an instant millionaire. They approach the whole thing as one would a lottery ticket, only willing to invest in whatever promises them tons of money with little to no work whatsoever.

Making money has become something so many people are looking to without really understanding the fact that it is not a joke, it is not going to be easy, and in order to be truly successful, it is going to take a lot of plain hard work. Too many people are looking for the “easy button” but what they are failing to see is that they are trapping themselves in a broken mentality.

There Is No Easy Button to Success!

I don’t know exactly where the first time I heard this phrase was but I just know that early on in my entrepreneurial journey, someone said this too me and I have never forgotten it. You see, early on, I too made the mistake of taking the easy button approach. I was looking for  a way of making money that would be easy and that would require no effort on my part. Because of this, I would constantly buy into new programs and “systems” promising that if you just follow step by step the instructions given, you would be making money in no time without doing any hard work.

The idea of making money fast had me loathing the idea of hard work and I was always distracted by the next shiny object that came along. Rather than helping me become successful, it had created a mindset that was on the fast track to failure.

I am afraid to say, but I think many people experience this very same problem in their own lives. They want to be successful and yet the mindset they have developed about making money has them constantly frustrated believing that being successful, whether online or in their own personal business is not really possible. Many will eventually throw in the towel and quit completely.

How To Change Your Mind About Making Money

Now you may be wondering, what can you do about it? Making money is a term that nearly everybody uses and in most cases the meaning is in no way meant to be misleading. To this I would say that it is not so much the term that is the problem as it is the mindset behind the term. As Grant Cardone said it, you are really just trying to collect money from other people. The money has already been made and now you are just trying to find a way to put a little bit of it in your own pocket.

If you think about it this way, it really should change your perspective, I know it did for me. When considering collecting money from other people, you now not only have to think about yourself but now you must also think about others. This is a game changer when you start to think about it. Making money is generally looked at as a way to improve yourself and about how you can have a better life. This doesn’t really help anybody in the long run.

Think about it, what good is it if all you do is make a bunch of money but never actually help anyone?

When it comes to making money, the truth is that in order to make money you have to provide people with value. In other words, you have to earn it. If you are willing to work hard to earn money by providing value, then you are well on your way.

Entrepreneurship is about hard work and an effort to provide people with as much value as possible in exchange for their money. Making money it its most literal sense is illegal but in order to create a legitimate income, you have to start looking at it a little bit differently.

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you found any value whatsoever in this post, please feel free to leave a comment below!